Wednesday, August 3, 2011

ayat-ayat comel..♥♥♥

Cute Love Story 1:

Boy: Hey I’ve got two words to say.

Girl: What?


Girl: Huh.. Isn’t that 3 words?

Boy: No! Because (U) And (I) Are One:-):-D

cute love story 2:

Girl : What time do you go to sleep?

Boy : Only when you go to sleep.

Girl : Why only when I sleep?
Boy : Cause then I'll have no reason to be awake..

cute love story 3: 

F.A.M.I.L.Y is One Of The Strongest Words Anyone Can Say,Because The Letters of FAMILY Means:

F= Father
A= And
M= Mother
I= I
L= Love
Y= You. (:

cute love story 4:

Baby I can see the sun Rising in your Eyes

Baby Everytime I think of you..You make me Smile
I'll be your Every Dream and You should know

Baby..I'll never Ever wanna let you go......♥♥♥

cute love story 5:

Boy: Hey girl! Is your name Google.?

Girl: No-But why..?

Boy: bcoz you have all the things I’m searching for….♥

cute love story 6: 

Boy:- Are u good in your A to Z?
Girl:- Yea!
Boy:- Look at these "ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTVWXYZ" Which letter is missing?
Girl:- Hmmmm.."U"?
Boy:- Yeah, where did that letter go?
Girl:- I dont know, where ?
Boy:- "U" went inside My Heart !

p/s::im crushed to some1 now.

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